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We work in an interdisciplinary manner.

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Full Description

PBK is a law firm which provides traditional legal advice and representation in legal enforcement by employing an approach and devices which are adequate to today’s challenges.

PBK consists of experts who, rather than being simply a collection of resources unrelated among themselves, see beyond the traditional limits of their areas of expertise.

Practice Areas:

Banking & Finance
Commercial and Corporate Law
Competence Centre for Health Law
Energy Law
Health-care Law
In Sourcing Out Sourcing
Interaction: Private and Public Law as an example
Insurance / Reinsurance / Liability
Litigation / Arbitration
M&A / Transactions
Presence in Asia
Private Clients
Public Organisations
Real Estate and Construction Law
Tax Law
Technology / Life sciences / IP



P | B | K LUGANO Via Serafino Balestra 17 Postfach 6322 CH-6901 Lugano

Telephone Number:

+41 91 911 80 60