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Mazars Switzerland

Mazars Switzerland

13,500 professionals in the 71 countries.

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Full Description

Mazars can rely on the skills of 13,500 professionals in the 71 countries which make up its integrated partnership in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Mazars also has correspondents and joint ventures in 14 additional countries.

Based on its international dimension, Mazars has established itself as a credible alternative, with the ability to offer seamless and custom-made solutions to large corporations, regardless of their country of origin. Thanks to its complete, flexible and adaptable range of services, Mazars is also a partner of choice for high-growth SMEs and high net-worth individuals.

All Mazars team members share the same obsession with technical excellence and a common determination to go beyond existing technical and ethical standards.


20, rue du Conseil Général, CH-1205 / Genève

Telephone Number:

+41 22 708 10 80