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Lenz & Staehelin

A a unique blend of specialist knowledge.

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Full Description

Lenz & Staehelin has played an active part in the biggest deals in recent Swiss business history. They can cover the entire spectrum of business law services without having to rely on external experts.

They offer tailor-made solutions to address any issue related to business law. Their approach to the law and business combines breadth, depth and focus. It is not enough to simply identify the problems – their aim is to work with their clients to find pragmatic solutions. Thanks to a unique blend of specialist knowledge and the ability to understand the issues affecting different professions and industries, they are able to find comprehensive solutions that also work in practice. They take care to ensure that the right people are deployed on their case at the right time, coordinated by an experienced partner who serves as a personal contact, knows their clients needs and requirements, and can expertly represent your interests.


Bleicherweg 58, CH-8027, Zurich

Telephone Number:

+41 58 450 80 00