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Cornèr Bank Group

Cornèr Bank Group

Founded in Lugano in 1952.

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Full Description

Active across the whole range of traditional banking services, Cornèr Bank Group specialises in the private banking sector, as well as in the areas of lending and Visa and MasterCard prepaid and credit cards (Cornèrcard)-the three pillars of Cornèr Bank Group’s growth.

2011 saw a new addition to the Group: Zurich-based BonusCard.ch is a company engaged in the payment cards sector. The business model by which it operates is complementary to that of Cornèrcard.

2012, by contrast, was the year of creation of CornèrTrader, an innovative platform for trading online. CornèrTrader gives all Swiss investors an online access to the world’s financial markets. Clients will also receive personalised service and assistance from Account Executives specialised in this field.

The decision to keep the Head Office and Executive Board situated in Lugano reflects the Bank’s strong link with the local economy. Over the years, Cornèr Bank has opened offices in other leading Swiss financial centres and launched a vital process of internationalisation. The specific aim is to diversify and extend the Bank’s own range of products and services to keep pace with increasing market globalisation and a more cosmopolitan clientele.

As far as asset backing is concerned, Cornèr Bank Group enjoys an enviable position, holding more than three times the necessary equity. This gives it a Tier-1 coefficient of 23.1%. Indeed, according to the world financial statistics compiled by The Banker in 2012, Cornèr Bank Group ranks second in Switzerland in terms of capital adequacy.




Cornèr Banca SA Via Canova 16 6901 Lugano

Telephone Number:

+ 41 91 800 51 11