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BDO Switzerland

BDO Ltd is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of auditing, accounting and consulting services. With 31 offices nationwide, their branch network is the most extensive in the sector.

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BDO is the world's fifth largest accountancy network. They have an excellent partner to staff ratio, with 47,000 people working with their clients and offering challenging, ethical and practical advice from 1,082 offices in 119 countries.

Their commitment to knowledge and best practice sharing means that expertise is easily shared across the network. Our common methodologies and IT platform ensure effective and efficient service delivery to all our clients. To maintain standards we have a robust accreditation process and quality assurance review procedure.

BDO remain focused on helping their clients navigate ever-changing economic and market conditions by providing high quality advice and service to all their clients on a consistent basis. This will enable them to achieve their ambition to significantly increase their market share and ensure that they are recognised in the market as a unified global network.



Biberiststrasse 16 4500 Solothurn

Telephone Number:

+ 41 32 624 62 05