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Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS

Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS

Established in 2003.

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Full Description

The law office “Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS” was established in 2003. In its offices which are located in the cantons of Basel, Argovia, Zoug, Bern and Zurich, a young and competent team of lawyers, jurists and legal trainees advise and represent national and international clients. Thanks to the multilingual composition of our team, we are in a position to serve our clients fluently in Swiss-German, French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Through our active membership with the European Association of Lawyers (AEA), we are integrated into an international network of over 680 law offices in over 170 countries. This allows us to serve both our foreign and Swiss clients as a bridgehead towards Switzerland or abroad. The linguistic proficiency of our employees is not only appreciated by our clients from abroad but also by foreign Swiss residents. We are planning to reinforce our team and hope to soon speak all languages represented by the majority of the immigrants in our country.

Thanks to the variety of our employees’ backgrounds and interests, our team has a wide spectrum of professional experience and knowledge. We are active in all legal areas of the Swiss law: labour, family, marriage, criminal, military criminal, road traffic, debt enforcement, bankruptcy, cellular phone, company, trademark, non-resident and asylum law as well as law of tenancy, purchase, succession, guardianship, social security, private insurance and contracts.




Bern office Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS Effingerstrasse 8 Postfach CH-3011 Bern

Telephone Number:

+41 (0)31 318 03 03