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3V Asset Management AG

3V Asset Management AG

Founded in Zurich in 1997.

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Full Description

3V Asset Management AG, originally Oppenheim Portfolio Management (Switzerland) Ltd., Zurich, was founded in Zurich in 1997 as a subsidiary of Bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. (Switzerland) Ltd. Zurich. In August 2000 the management took over 100% of the shares and subsequently changed its former name to 3V Asset Management AG.

Their investment process:

1. Screening of the investment universe with quantitative filters (P/B, P/E, EV/EBITDA etc) to evaluate under-valuations.

2. qualitative evaluation using the following criterion:

• Market-oriented
• Customer-minded
• Shareholder-value-oriented
• Management incentives

• Market leadership
• Above-average market growth
• High barriers to market entry
• Pricing flexibility

Technology/Know how
• Leading position
• Competitive edge
• Intensive R&D activity
• Cost leadership

• Solid balance sheet
• Conservative accounting principles
• High earnings visibility
• Earnings growth potential



Löwenstrasse 25 8001 Zurich Switzerland

Telephone Number:

044 227 10 10